Braden Diehl

THINKIng ahead

People ask me all the time, "what's your dream job?" and it couldn't make me happier to tell them that I already have my dream job. I have my dream job because I worked hard and followed my dreams, and I will continue to do that all throughout my life. 



Short term, my goal is to have established a team that I can rely on to run my business while I am away at college. I plan on going to college to Major in Video Production with a Minor in Marketing.



Long term, I want to continue pursing my passion with Braden Technologies. I have plans to expand the company into so much more than it is now. I will continue to provide the best content to all of my clients in many different areas (ie. our services, customer service, etc.). I plan to keep re-investing in the company to make sure that happens. In the end, I want to retire being beyond satisfied in what I accomplished in my career.

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