Braden Diehl

Following Dreams

It all started with a dream. To make it big, doing what I love. At age 16, I have already made great strides to make that happen. I've always had the goal to have a career, not a job, and I started Braden Technologies to pursue that goal. It turns out, running a business wasn't as easy as I had expected! My first year, I had many challenges. I didn't have the customer flow that I had hoped for. In my first couple months, I only had 1-2 clients. It started to get very discouraging but I pushed through it. At the end of that year, I had accumulated about 20 clients total. I decided to come up with a new business plan which included perfecting "my art", and change the way that I marketed the business.



Starting in 2019, Braden Technologies really took off. Within the first half of the year, we had already tippled our sales from the previous year. Now, I think back to 2018 and think "Wow, I almost quit and now I'm out running a multi-thousand dollar company." and I couldn't be happier that I just stuck through it even when times got hard. I'm so thankful for everyone who has helped me get here too; my school district, my friends, my family, just everyone who has supported me.

Now, I don't just have my business. I am very busy in other areas of my live pursing things to help my career. I volunteer and run sound at another school, I am on the auditorium tech team at my school, I volunteer on the tech team at The Rock Church, and so many more tech related things.

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